27 Apr 2017

I’ve never been under the sea.
It holds no attraction for me.
Or been to the moon,
No, nor any time soon.
That’s how I prefer it to be.


26 Apr 2017

Unbelievable though it may seem
My left leg is stuffed full of cream.
My forehead is creased
In the shape of Matisse!
I admit that this might be a dream.

22 Apr 2017

A slice of toast
And marmalade
With cocoa too
And farmyard laid
Hen’s eggs
And soldiers
Plus cornflakes
And tea
And apple juice
And cake.
Yes, cake! And croissants,
Ham and cheese.
And it’s not even breakfast time
And I’m allergic to wheat
And the soldiers are real soldiers. And for some reason there are owls.
And everything is on fire.